The act of doing is the motivation.

Working from direct observation versus designing from the imagination defines a line between truth and facts.

Direct observational drawing seeks and executes what is perceived objectively, in contrast to drawing from the imagination which utilizes a preconception or bias opinion of a concept and could be considered a form of meditation that reflects an idea subjectively.

Hypothesis: Working from direct observation seeks the truth because of its objectivity, and drawing from the imagination manipulates a preconception of facts subjectively.

Drawing from direct observation along with drawing from the imagination communicates form and content of an idea.

The LINE is a common element when working objectively and subjectively. A line connects two imaginary points on a two-dimensional plane, the x and y coordinates. A line divides areas of opposing edges; object and field ground, thereby delineating the illusion of a third dimension the z coordinate. A line possesses two distinct characteristics, contour, and gesture. Contour dissects the anatomical structure of an object or subject while gesture reveals the purpose or action that the subject is performing. Contour is the cognitive desire to achieve stability while gesture by its nature is unstable. Gesture drawing is allowed to lose control while contour drawing strives to be in control. Contour is the baseline of logic. Emotions influence gesture.

Drawing is the action that reveals imagination defined by contour and gesture. A Brush Stroke is inclusive of the structure and characteristics of line.

An Abstract: The fact is that I like tomatoes. It is true that the speed of light in a vacuum travels at 186,282 miles per second, and is the reason why we can see the RED tomato.

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